Sledge Hammer Relaxation
18,50 €

Sledge Hammer Fierce Relaxation


How Thick Is Your Mix?\\\"If you like to play with a loooots of lube a concentrated powder that you mix with water into the desired thickness is a wonderful alternative which saves you carrying gallons of lube from the sexshop.J Lube is of course classic but it\\\'s a vetinary lubricant.Now there is a perfect alternative: Slegde Hammer!Sledge Hammer is a human intended version of J-Lube that has preservatives to give it shelf life after mixed. Unlike J-Lube it will mix with a minimal of powder since we left out the 75% Sucrose (sugar) they use to fill the bottle.Sledge Hammer \\\"Fierce Relaxation\\\" is the formulation with a mild warming effect. It is a latex condom safe water activated personal lubricant. Just add water to create a slick and safe lubricant made to order by you! Fierce Relaxation has Peppermint Essential Oils that have been manufactured into its powder base to create a natural and safe warming effect to enjoy during its use. Fierce Relaxation is available in 1/2 oz Trial, 4 oz Tub and 8 oz Tub.For more info and fun recipes about how to make the perfect lube please visit Hammer: We Make It Worth the Sweat!

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