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Everything you need to know about cock rings

Like all other Sex Toys, when it comes to finding the right cock ring, there are so many different choices! There are lots of different styles, materials, colours and features to choose from, all designed to increase the stimulation and pleasure for you and your partner. Cock rings are designed to make your penis harder and bigger when it is erect, and keep it that way for much longer than it would be if you weren’t using a ring. By constricting blood in the penis itself, cock rings can delay your orgasm, and increase the pleasure of your orgasm once you do reach that point.  Stretchy rubber cock rings, and adjustable cock rings are ideal for beginners, more ‘sturdy’ cock rings made out of harder materials like metal are for more experienced users, and vibrating cock rings are perfect for couples! Finding the right cock ring can be tough, so the team at the Adult Sex Store have put together a 8 point plan to make sure you get the right toy!

Beginner or experienced:

As mentioned earlier, we recommend that beginners look for an ‘elastic’, flexible cock ring, or an adjustable one. This will allow you to test the ring, and find out the ideal level of comfort. If you’re looking for a ring made from solid materials, look for one with a quick release latch.

Testicles, shaft, or both ?

There are a few different ways you can ‘fit’ your cock ring to your body. You can either fit the ring around your shaft and your testicles, or just the shaft. Common feedback suggests that fitting the ring around the twins and your shaft leads to a much more pleasurable experience .


Common materials include silicone, rubber, leather, nylon and metal. Silicone is the most common and popular, and great for beginners.

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Some cock rings are designed to be a fashion statement, others are designed to increase the pleasure for the wearer, and others come with lots of great bells and whistles to increase stimulation for both you and your partner, like vibration, spikes, bumps and ribbing.

Buy your toys online :

Buying Cock Rings online is private, and discreet, and online stores always have a much larger selection of toys to choose from than bricks and mortar stores.

How long to keep it on :

It is recommended that cock rings don’t be worn for longer than 30 minutes at a time, however if at any time the cock ring begins to hurt it should be removed straight away.


Cock rings are a lot cheaper than most other sex toys! It is recommended that you buy a good quality cock ring, you don’t want something cheap and nasty strangling your royal jewels!

Cleaning your cock ring :

Just like all your other sex toys, cleaning your cock ring is important! With cock rings coming in so many different materials and with so many different features, check your cock rings instructions to find out the best way to clean your toy.