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Why every guy should use a butt plug

Everyone knows of, or has heard of a butt plug ! Their distinctive look – tapered tip, flared base sitting quite wide to make insertion easy, and to stop the plug being lost up there! Butt Plugs have an almost cult like following, and are the ‘Butt’ of many jokes (excuse the pun). More importantly, they are a fantastic toy enjoyed by both men and women, and a toy that we think needs to be enjoyed by more.

Butt plugs come in a variety of colours, shapes, sizes, and textures. Some are designed to look like penises, while some are ribbed, or bulb shaped.

So you know how Butt Plugs work, (they are inserted into the butt if your still wondering), many of you are still probably wondering, Why?

Below are just a few of the many reasons use Butt Plugs

Why should men use butt plugs ?

1. More and more men across Australia and around the world are realising that the actually enjoy anal sex. The prostate or male G-spot is an incredibly sensitive and erogenous gland that when played with and aroused can cause multiple orgasms. It is located 2 – 3 inches inside the anus on the front wall.

2. Orgasms reached thought Prostate or Male G-Spot stimulation are actually moreintense than an orgasm reached from penis stimulation.

3. Wearing a curved butt plug instead of a traditionally shaped one will make sure you’re hitting just the right spot. Adding increased stimulation to your prostate will during other forms of sexual play will make everything fell oh so much better!

4. Butt Plugs aren’t just worn to stimulate the Prostate Gland, they are also used by many men to get their anus used to sexual penetration by either a dildo or a penis. This is done two ways, either the man will by a set of Butt Plugs, with each bigger than the last, and move up in size once he feels comfortable, or he will purchase an inflatable Butt Plug that can by inflated whilst it is inside the anus.