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Fancy yourself as a bit kinky in the sack? Or looking to turn yourself into the next Christian Grey? The experts at the Adult Sex Store have compiled the ultimate Men’s Guide to Bondage and BDSM, time to spice it up in the bedroom boys!

Prepare yourself

Bondage and BDSM needs a little planning to get it right, and it’s important to be as prepared as possible. Get any toys, costumes and props ready before hand, as well as any candles or music you’ll be using to set the mood. If your using any equipment that involves restraining someone, have all safety equipment ready. This means a set of keys for your kinky handcuffs, and a pair of scissors if you’re planning on tying your loved one up (or getting tied up).

Be sober

Normal sex is sloppy enough as it is! So trying to get ultra kinky when your seeing double just doesn’t work, and more importantly, it can be dangerous! Although it can be extremely tempting to get a little kinky and try new things when you’ve both had a few drinks, doing this could lead to accidents. So play it safe if you’re a little tipsy, and keep bondage for when your thinking clearly. The plus side of this is at least you’ll remember it!

Trust is vital for him

This one’s pretty self-explanatory boys. We all know how important trust is for our partners. Having mutual trust and understanding between you both is vital for Bondage and BDSM to work, and be enjoyable. Your men needs to trust that your not going to take photos of him when he’s tied to the bed (unless he wants you too), he needs to trust you that you’re not going to leave him there and go for a beer with your mates when he’s hog tied, and he needs to trust that you’re not going to hurt him or take advantage of him when his hands are tied behind his back. It’s pretty simple guys, he wants to know that he’s safe in your hands.

Don`t turn him off

If you’re going to be talking dirty, make sure you don’t say anything that will turn him off. Talking in a baby voice is a big no-no, as is being generally rude, vulgar and offensive. There is a fine line between being a dominant alpha male and being a prick, be careful not to cross it.

Decide on a safe word

If you’re going to be using restraints, and engaging in other activities that might involve a bit of fear, or pain, then you’re going to need to agree on a safe word. When picking a safe word, make sure you pick something that you normally wouldn’t say during sex. There is not point making your safe word, ‘stop’, or ‘no’ because depending on how kinky you’re going to be getting these could be natural words to your role play. Make it something like ‘Ice cream’ (unless you’re using ice cream that is), or Tasmania.

Don`t get carried away

If you’re a beginner, then use bondage tools and equipment that are suitable for beginners. Don’t move straight to heavy duty steal handcuffs and thick rope, start with softer, safer ‘restraints’. Things that can be used include neck ties, scarfs, bed sheets, and anything else that is soft and safe. Once you’ve mastered and feel comfortable with these softer toys, then move to more ‘heavy duty’ and bondage specific toys and props.

Tease him

Bondage is all about seduction and teasing. So don’t rush in! Once you’ve got him tied up and restrained, take the time to tease him. Make him think that bondage means extra special attention for him – what girl wouldn’t want to do it again, and again, and again!