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So what is a cock ring ?

Surprisingly, not a lot of us actually know what a cock ring is, and even less have ever used one! Cock rings are a ring that you put on an erect or semi-erect penis. They are usually put around the base of the shaft, but can sometimes be used directly underneath the head of the penis, or even fully around the testicles. Cock rings tightly ‘hug’ the penis, slowing blood flow to the penis, which in turn makes your erection bigger, stronger and can even make you last longer in the bedroom, and lead to much stronger orgasms. Cock rings have been around forever! Cock rings have been found at ancient Greek sites, and were made from stone, but the first documented use of a cock ring comes from ancient China. Coming a long way from the stone cock rings of ancient Greece, cock rings in today’s market come made in a variety of different materials, such as rubber, silicone, plastic and steel, some cock rings even come fitted with a vibrating mechanism, turning your penis into a flesh vibrator! So now you know what they are, let’s find out how to use them!

Find the right cock ring

If this will be your first time wearing a cock ring, look for a beginner ring – there are plenty on the market! The cock ring should be made from silicon or rubber – using a steel ring for your first go might be a little dangerous, and starting with something a little less full on will allow you to get comfortable with the idea of wearing a ring around your cock. Your rubber/silicone cock ring should be nice and stretchy, allowing you to put it on and remove it with ease.

Wash your cock ring

This general rule for all sex toys definitely applies to your cock ring. Give your ring a good soak, you can even use a small bit of mild soap. Giving your new toy a good wash will help protect you and your partner against any potential irritations. Remember to give it a good wash after use as well. 

Start using your cock ring

Time to get started! With a semi-erect or fully erect penis, stretch the cock ring, and slide it over the head of your penis. Slowly slide the ring down your penis, or, holding it stretched out until you reach the base of your shaft. Be careful to not catch any pubic hairs on the way – it can be quite painful!  Once the cock ring is at the base of your penis, take your hands off and see how the pressure feels. A cock ring should never be too tight, if it is too tight you can damage the penis tissue. It’s always important to put a time limit on how long you wear the cock ring for. The time-frame most experts suggest is 20 minutes, if your new to cock rings, trying using it for 5-10 minutes for your first few times to get used to wearing one. Applying lube before using a cock ring will make getting it on and taking it off a lot easier!