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Just because you have never dabbled in anal play doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy it! Since launched we’ve seen a steady increase in the popularity of anal sex toys. That’s a lot of men discovering the joys of anal sex toys, either as part of foreplay or during sex – and we couldn’t be prouder! If you’ve never tried anal toys and anal play, you may be a little confused in exactly how to get started, and what those funny-shaped anal toys are and how to use them. is here to help! Anal sex toys fall into three main categories: anal beads, anal plugs, and prostate massagers/vibrators.

The biggest rule when it comes to anal play – whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro – is to take it slow and easy: nothing in anal play should ever feel uncomfortable or hurt you – if it does, stop. If you’re indulging in a little anal play with your partner communication is an key part of the experience: tell him what feels good and what doesn’t  If you’re playing with yourself, go slow, take it easy and work out what feels good and best turns you on.

Below is the guide to anal sex!

  1. Clean up....The anal cavity contains lots of harmful germs so always clean the area before engaging in any anal play or sex. If you’re worried about coming into contact with feces (poop), go to the bathroom to clear out your bowels first. Most people will shower before anal play, if your feeling kinky, and want to be especially clean, you could even do your experimenting in the shower! 
  2. Relax.... When experimenting with anal play, relaxing not just your anus, but your entire body is paramount. If you cannot relax yourself, everything will tighten the experience will not be as enjoyable. Why not start your anal play with a sensual massage? Massage the buttocks, lower back and upper and inner thighs in a slow and sensual motion with your hands, letting your partner get really relaxed (and turned on). Then, apply some lube to one finger and (telling your first – no cheeky surprises in anal play relaxation) slowly insert it in the anus. Massage the anus opening slowly with your lubricated finger, until you feel your partner relax. You may need to apply more lube as you go on. If this hurts your partner or he feels uncomfortable at any point, stop straight away. By playing with a finger, it will let you know how far/deep you can insert an anal toy to start. Please note: Before you use a finger to penetrate your partner’s anus, make sure you trim and file your nails.    
  3. Add lube to your fingerus and your anus...Before you start any anal play, you must lubricate the area. Unlike vagina’s, the anus is not self-lubricating, and therefore requires a little help from you or your partner to get the areas wet and wild! A good anal play and sex lubrication is the most important thing for enjoyment: because your back door has no natural lubricant and the area is very delicate, it requires a thicker lube than usual. recommends you choose a high-quality sex lube designed specifically for anal play. If you’re a first timer or still a beginner we’d even recommend you looking into lube’s with slight numbing properties. It’s also very important that you continue adding lubricant during anal play, as lubrication will eventually wear off.      
  4. Get to know your butt....Before engaging in anal play, especially if your planning to do so with a partner, it’s important that you get to know your anus. Get some lube, get comfortable, and play with your arse, find out what you like, and what you don’t. The more you learn about yourself when your by yourself, the better you will be when your with your partner! There are two sphincters in your anus. The outer one, which creates the pucker that you can visually see when looking at the anus, and the inner sphincter, that you can feel a short way into your anal cavity when you insert your finger into your anus.           
  5. Go inside...If you’re lying in bed, insert a well-lubricated finger or anal toy, if you’re playing in the shower, ease a fingertip just inside your ass. Explore your sexuality – and your anus.  If you meet resistance at any time, push out as if you had to go to the bathroom and push your finger in at the same time. The Aneros, or a slim-lined butt plug are great toys for getting to know your anal muscles.   
  6. Experiment...Do some clenches and releases while touching yourself so that you can feel the changes in your asshole, the easiest way to do this is to pretend your trying to hold in a really big poo for 2-5 seconds, then release, and try again. With lubed fingers, try rubbing in tiny circles around the rim of your asshole. Find if you have any particularly sensitive spots. You don’t you have to go very far inside – just explore and enjoy yourself.

Anal sex toys for beginners

Sex toys when used with care and respect can be a great way to learn how to have anal sex, either through anal masturbation or anal intercourse with a partner. Here in PLAY we can help you get started:

  1.  Anal beads...Anal beads essentially look kind of like a pearl necklace, except they have less beads, and the beads are a little bigger. The beads cause the sphincter muscles to contract around each bead, which can enhance orgasm. Anal Beads come in multiple sizes and materials, some even vibrate!            
  2. Butt plugs...Butt plugs are typically bulb-shaped or diamond shaped, with a thin neck and a flared base (some even come with a small handle for easy removal), which prevents them from slipping into anal cavity. The bulge end with the thin neck allows the plug stay in place, and in men it can also stimulate the prostate.       
  3. Dildos... If you’re looking for your first anal dildo, a thin, soft anal dildo is good to start, as they’re generally smooth and easy to thrust. There more anal dildos in the shop than you can poke a stick (or your cock) at, so with practice and experience, you can graduate your anus to a dildo bigger in size, exotic in shape or even both!

When your starting to experiment in anal play and sex, the most important thing is that your comfortable in what your doing. Experiment by yourself, and when with a partner, take your time and communicate. This will ensure that you’ll both enjoy the experience, and you’ll have many more great experiences together to come.