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What is a dildo ?

A dildo is a non-vibrating sex toy, used for the pleasurable penetration.

Dildos can be realistic, which means they like a real penis in shape, colour and form, or they can be non-phallic, that is a form which does not resemble a real penis but still gives penetration pleasure to the user.

Dildos are not designed to be a replacement to your partner but can indeed form an exciting and fun addition to sexual play even between couples. If you are indulging in solo sexual stimulation you may wish to enjoy the delights of a realistic dildo in place of a real penis, however with your partner you may choose to bring those double penetration fantasies to life with their help.

Dildos they can be used for  penetration or as an anal sex toy. We will look deeper into the different types of dildos you can buy here at PLAY.

Realistic dildos

Realistic dildos are designed to look like a real penis. They are usually made from a flexible material or a real feel material to add to the realistic sensation. Realistic dildos are usually presented in a flesh colour, whether cream, brown or black flesh tones.

Many realistic dildos have the addition of balls at the base which give you an even closer to real sex experience.

Non- phallic dildos

Some dildos are designed not to look like a real penis at all. These are ideal for people who want something a little different, but still intensely pleasurable to use for internal stimulation and penetrative masturbation or sexual experiences.

Non-phallic dildos can be smooth, contoured, multi-coloured, made from a variety of materials and have additional nodules or other features. They are often the preference for lesbian solo masturbation or lesbian couples sex, but popular with men to use as anal sex toys as well as for men who want an artistic or different sex toy to add to their collection.

Double ended dildos

Double ended dildos have a dildo tip at each end, providing a long length sex toy that can be anywhere from 12 inches in total length to over 22 inches.

Double enders, as they are often known, are most often associated with gay sex, as a man can enjoy a dildo each, sharing the same sex toy for a close and intimate sexual experience. However, they can also be used for solo stimulation, giving the user a longer length with which to manoeuvre, or indeed to bring double penetration fantasies to life.

Therefore most double ended dildos are made from flexible materials, however you can also find double ended dildos which are made from rigid materials such as glass. These are not as common as the flexible variety.

Suction cup base dildos

Enjoy hands free sexual fun with suction cup base dildos ! These dildos have a strong suction cup on the bottom which allows you to attach it to any smooth surface. They work best on tiles, lino and the like, making them the perfect companion in the bathroom.

Some suction cup base dildos are realistic in style and may have the addition of testicles at the bottom of the shaft. Non-phallic dildos with suction cup bases are also popular. The flare of the suction cup base means that they are often compatible with an O ring sryle strap on sex harness, making them incredibly versatile and excellent value for money.

Strap on dildos

When choosing a dildo to use with your strap on sex harness, you must first know how the dildo attaches to the particular harness you have.

Strap on dildos come in all shapes and sizes, from beginner, to G-spot, prostate stimulating and extra large. They are usually made from a flexible material such as jelly, rubber or silicone, for the most comfortable strap on sex experience.

Extreme & large dildos

Not for the easily intimidated,extra large dildos  are available for the brave and courageous. Whether you have a fetish or kink for large dildos, anal gaping and anal reaming or just want to supersize your sex life with the biggest dildo you can find, PLAY is here to help.

Large dildos include double ended dildos but also offer extreme dildos, and even non-penis style.

Lube is an absolute essential for these items. Take it slow, bite down on the sheets and ease it in gently!

G-spot dildos

The beauty of G spot dildos is that the clever angle of the head means that many can double as a prostate stimulating dildo for men. You will note that some G spot dildos are sold as G spot or P spot dildo, indicating its dual purpose for women or men.

While many G spot dildos are made from flexible materials, many others are made from  tantalisingly smooth, rigid materials such as glass or metal.

Inflatable dildos

Unsure which size dildo is right for you? Not a problem - simply select an inflatable dildo and you can choose the size to fit you perfectly!

Inflatable dildos have a hose and hand pump attached which is used to pump up the dildo once it's inside you. Make sure you use water based lubricant . These dildos are usually made of a stretchy  but durable material such as rubber or latex so they can expand to a much larger size than they begin at. There is also usually a quick release button or function near the pump so you can immediately relieve the size inside you as you require.

Porn star dildos

Many have heard of the porn star masturbators from such top brands as Fleshlight , but not many realise there is also a range of dildos cast exactly from your favourite porn stars penises!

If you have lusted after an adult film star and wished you could enjoy riding such a stud all night long or whenever you want, this is the perfect solution.