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We have put together some top tips for you, to help you and your partner get the most pleasure from your sex toys. Get the most out of your sex toys, make them last for as long as possible and enjoy heightened pleasure with this sound advice from PLAY.

Use lubricant.

Lubricant removes any risk of unpleasant chafing and pain, which can sometimes otherwise occur during sexual activity or when you're using sex toys. Make sure you use the correct lubricant for your sex toy. For instance, you need to use water based lube with your silicone sex toys, as using silicone with silicone vibrators, dildos and others can cause the sex toy material to deteriorate.

Store safely.

So that your silicone sex toys don't come into contact with each other during storage, leading to potential material degradation, we advise keeping your silicone sex toys in separate storage bags. Happily, many of the silicone sex toys we sell come with their own storage bag for this very purpose.

In all cases, we advise that you keep your sex toys in a cool, dry place between uses, out of direct sunlight. If your sex toy is battery operated, remove the batteries between uses to extend the life of your sex toy and avoid any risk of battery corrosion during long periods out of use.

Stay hygienic.

Keep your sex toys hygienically clean. This avoids the risk of contamination to your intimate zones from nasty bacteria which can build on the surface of a used sex toy, even those washed, but not clean to a pristinely hygienic standard.

Here at PLAY we stock a range of anti- bacterial sex toy cleaners  for this very purpose, which are sprayed on to the surface of your sex toy after your regular cleaning process, leaving the surface completely bacteria free and safe to use intimately once again.

Try something new.  

Even buying a sex toy can add something new to your sex life whether alone or shared with a partner in a relationship. However, even if you have a whole stash of sex toys, you can still find innovative ways to revitalise your sexual activityDo you have a glass, stone or metal dildo ? Add some thrilling temperature play to proceedings by warming up in warm water before use, or cooling down in chilled water or the fridge. Combine its use with a blindfold  and erotic massage for spectacular and arousing results.

Enjoy rechargeable power.

Using battery operated sex toys can be convenient as you simply insert new batteries when you need, then you have full power at the ready. For those who don't want to keep a stash of batteries by the bedside, rechargeable sex toys may be the way forwards.

Rechergeable sex toysuse a charging dock or lead to charge up the internal battery, with is usually a lithium ion type. The particular sex toy you decide to purchase should come with full recharging instructions as well as information on the time it takes to charge up.

Go waterproof.

Using sex toys in the bedroom is all very well but why stop there? For the ultimate in fun as well as added discretion, take your sex toys on a splashy outing to the bath or shower.  Of course, you will require waterproof sex toys for this aquatic adventure!

The beauty of bathrooms is that you can lock the door and find exciting ways to shoot away the day's stresses underneath the bubbles. Whether you choose to enjoy a waterproof sex toy alone or in a shared bath or shower with your partner, you are sure to love the versatility of these waterproof vibrators, dildos and other items.

Share the fun.

Using sex toys is only a solo activity if you choose for it to be that way. There's no rule to say you can't enjoy your sex toys with a partner.