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What is lubricant?

In terms of sexuality, lubricant is an often essential accompaniment to your sex life which makes sure you're comfortable at all times, enjoying a frictionless glide throughout masturbation, foreplay and sex.

Most often contained within an easy to dispense bottle,sex lubricants  are liquids which are safe to use on the skin and during intimate proceedings either alone or with your partner.

To avoid chafing or even pain when you masturbate, use sex toys or have sex with your partner, lubricant is the perfect solution.

Anyone can use sex lubricant, regardless of sexuality, gender or relationship status. Some lubricants are available in a small sachet for you to sample before you buy the full size bottle, while others come in applicator tubes for you to effortlessly dispense in exactly the right place.

There are many different types of sex lubricant, for a variety of different sexual purposes. Using the right type of lubricant for your chosen style of personal play means that you will enjoy the maximum amount of pleasure.

Water Based Lubricants

Water based lubricant is your standard, all round, versatile lubricant. It can be used for any type of sexual interaction and stimulation, from masturbation with a silicone or other sex toy, to foreplay and erotic massage to couples sex.

It is compatible with all styles of sex toys regardless of material type and you can use it with condoms. Water based lubricant is low in price and affordable for all budgets. It does not stain sheets or clothing and is easily washed off after use, if there is any which has not dissipated during the action.

Silicone Lube

Silicone lubricant is slicker than water based and will not evaporate even after a long sexual session. It does not get absorbed into the skin, making it the perfect choice for couples sex and in particular, anal sex.

Contrary to popular opinion, silicone lube is compatible with condoms and will not cause them any damage.

Do not use silicone lubricant with silicone or real feel sex toys, it will cause the material to corrode over time and lead to the disintegration of your beloved sex toy. You can use silicone lube with non-porous sex toys, such as glass dildos and metal sex toys.

After using silicone lubricant, you will need to wash it off with soap and water. A fantastic excuse for a sensual shower or bath together!

Oil Based Lube

Oil based lubricant is not as widely available as water based lubricant and silicone lube. Due to its thick formulation it is perfectly suited to male masturbation as well as anal sex.

Hybrid Lube

As the name suggests, hybrid lubricant are a blend of both water based and silicone lube. This combination leads to a lubricant which is long lasting, smooth yet completely washable and body safe.

Hybrid lubricants are compatible with latex condoms but not compatible with silicone sex toys. It will last through sexual interaction in the bath or shower, unlike water based lubricants, yet still washes off completely after use with soap and water.

Flavoured Lube

Flavoured lubricant is an offshoot of water based lubricant, with the exciting addition of flavour. You can use flavoured lubricant just as you would water based lube, but it is particularly suited to oral sex.

Special Effects

Some lubricants have additional features, such as cooling or warming effects. These are most commonly water based lubricants with ingredients such as menthol or cinnamon to produce the stated effect when applied to the skin.

Cooling lubricants can add tingles of arousal which complement the stimulation you receive from yourself, your sex toy or your partner, while warming lubricants can put paid to unwanted shivers when using glass or metal sex toys, or alternately during sex with your partner on a cold winter's night.

Anal Lube

Anal lubricant is thicker with a higher viscosity than standard water based lubricant, so it remains where you put it and provides a more resilient, lubricated area for your anal sex toys and anal sex pleasure.

These anal lubricants are most commonly water based lubricant with a thicker formulation and some are opaque rather than clear, so you can see exactly where you're applying it.