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It’s the problem that all too often arises when planning trips away – do you take your sex toys or not? When you’re packing for a holiday abroad whether alone or with your mates, or particularly for naughty weekend breaks away, it’s understandable that you’d want your sexually stimulating companions along to help with the fun.

So what’s the deal with taking sex toys away? Are there any top tips for taking your sex toys on holiday with you?

Here some sex toys tips to make sure your sex toys arrive safely at your destination and you avoid any potential embarrassment along the way.

  • Remove batteries from vibrating sex toys before packing them. You don’t want to pick up a vibrating suitcase from the carousel the other side of your flight. Red faces all round. Also, removing batteries from your sex toys between uses is good practice, even at home.
  • Place your sex toys in separate storage bags. This will stop any discolouration of your sex toys from clothing or other items in your luggage. It also makes them a bit more discreet in the remote chance that your luggage ends up being the subject of a search for any reason.
  • Keep sex lubricants in your cosmetics case. Place each bottle or tube in a polythene or other waterproof bag to minimise mess if it leaks. Why not purchase a sampler pack of lubricants especially for your trip away? These small size lubricant bottles and pouches come already sealed in a packet and are the perfect addition to your holiday fun.
  • Note. If you are taking rechargeable sex toys , don’t forget the charger! Travelling abroad? You may need a power converter for your chosen destination, if the electrical sockets there are different to your originating country.
  • Be sure what to take. If you are travelling as part of a couple, discuss what your plans may include beforehand. Items packed could include a sillicone butt plug, bullet vibrator for you both to enjoy, lubricant and some soft bondage restraints. .