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So your new dildo has arrived, all brand new and pristine in its glamorous packaging, within the ultra discreet and professional packaging swiftly delivered from PLAY. Now what?

There are some steps we recommend you take to get the most pleasure out of your dildos.

Clean your new dildo thoroughly. There may be some chemical residue on the surface of your dildo left from the manufacturing process or from the packaging it had been sealed within. This is especially true for real feel toys and jelly toys. Before using your dildo intimately, we recommend you wash it thoroughly with soap and warm water. Spray with anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner for an additional level of reassuring safety.

Grab the lubricant. Your natural lubrication levels may not be sufficient for the dildo and using a good quality sex lubricant removes the risk of chafing and discomfort during use. If your dildo is made from silicone, jelly or real feel materials, you will need to use a water based lubricant so that you don’t cause any damage to the dildo.

Get comfortable. Your enjoyment of your new dildo will be all that greater if you feel comfortable and relaxed throughout. This may mean locking the doors, putting other sexy essentials within close reach (such as bullet vibrators,lubricant, butt plugs), having low lighting and positioning yourself beneath the sheets. Once you’re relaxed and comfortable, you’ll be in the best mindset to start enjoying your dildo.

Enjoy your dildo in a new way. Most dildos are for vaginal use, but your dildo may have a flared area at the base, either a bulge in the shape or the addition of testicles which means you can safely use it as an anal sex toy. This opens up the use of the dildo to both men and women. Dildos with testicles or a suction cup base can also be used with some O ring strap on harnesses.

If you should experience pain or discomfort at any time during your dildo session, check whether you need to use more lubricant. It could be that your chosen dildo is simply too big for you. Why not shop for a smaller sized dildo, we have many that are suitable for begginers.

Clean up afterwards. After use, clean your dildo thoroughly with soap and water, as well as a spray of an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner to retain the best hygiene levels for your intimate safety. Store your dildo safely between uses, firstly allowing it to dry after washing then placing in a storage bag, in a cool, dry place.